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Learning the Books of the Bible

This free course will walk you through the entire list of Bible books. It provides a strategy for learning the book names.

But not just that! It also explains why the Bible books are arranged the way they are. This helps give you a start on learning what each book is about and how it fits in the Bible’s story.

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Sheet Music and MP3s in a Zipped Folder

Wholly Bible Reading

Let’s read the New Testament together!

If you’ve ever started out the New Year with a Bible reading plan, but fell behind, then let me help. The emphasis is on reading whole books of the Bible as quickly as possible—and thus the name, Wholly Bible Reading.

Every day’s reading is 20 minutes or less. We only read 2–5 days per week. Not started yet? Then please pick up with Romans!

Downloadable Resource

Reading List for January–March 2021

Amazed By Jesus

This course is not available yet! I hope to start working on it this summer.

The book, Amazed By Jesus, surveys the life of Christ in 15 lessons (just like The Big Picture, except Amazed By Jesus is longer and requires two volumes).

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Information about Big Picture Seminars and Marc’s Books

No. These courses are YouTube playlists and are absolutely free to watch.

They cost money because they are full-color print books published by our friends at 21st Century Christian. You can order a copy from them or Amazon (links below). The books retail for $19.99 each.

After we finish Wholly Bible Reading at the end of March 2021, we will keep going. Here are the plans:

  • Amazed By Jesus, all 15 lessons (April–July 2021)
  • The Big Picture (July–October 2021)
  • Bible study tips (Winter of 2021)

I’m glad you asked! Check out this link:

Let’s get a conversation going and see how we can help each other with our Bible study.

Absolutely! Send me an email and let me know what struggles you’re having with Bible study. Chances are, if something gives you trouble, then I need help learning about it, too!